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Ethically correct Diamonds

The Kimberley Process is a joint agreement of the Governments of the main countries and of the multinational diamond manufacturers under the auspices of the UN, to ensure that the profits from the diamond trade are not used to finance civil wars or terrorist actions.
All our diamonds are “ethically correct”.

ITC – International Trading Company buys exclusively diamonds that respect the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). Fundamental requirement today for ITC is ethics. Respected ethics marketing only certified Kimberley Process diamonds. All the Diamonds distributed by ITC are ethically correct and respect these credentials. A certificate of Origin attests the entire path of the stones, guarantees the provenance and all the steps, from the rough to the cut diamond. ITC knows the origin of all diamonds and helps to ensure the integrity of the process.


The requirements that must be met in order to adhere to the certification scheme are basically three:-Diamonds cannot be earmarked for the financing of rebel groups or other organizations aiming to overthrow the Government recognized by the United Nations Organization. -Each diamond exported must be accompanied by a certificate proving compliance with the Kimberley Process scheme. -No diamond can be imported from, or exported to, a country not part of the Kimberley Process.