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Forty years of experience certify the Holding in commercial and design capacity, thanks to a specific and pragmatic industrial plan that has contributed to a growth of COPEM & Co equal to 300% over the last 10 years, gaining a leading role in the supply of diamonds to the main jewellery companies in Italy and particularly in the area of valence.
The international alliance with leader groups in the diamond sector has ensured a solid presence on the market.

The Copem & Co, with its President Eitan Dokhanian and CEO Raz Dokhanian, has chosen a first level management, in order to realize, for its customers, an ethical trade and guarantor over the years.

In 2012, the COPEM group gave birth to the INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY.
The ITC, and its way of articulating its business model, can be considered the maximum of the expression “concept”.
In 5 years the innovation of marketing and design have been the center of a development that has been realized in new brand “total marketing oriented”.
The group’s entrepreneurial skills led to the creation of a new business unit: The ITC – Diamond Investment, whose mission, the sale of diamonds for investments, it has become a project called “a hug over time” characterized by an excellent service of preservation of the heritage in the medium and long term and regulated by a clear and transparent sales procedure that respects the indications given by the bodies responsible for the control and the safeguard of the interests of the customers.

The ITC – Diamond Investment business Unit has adequate tools to provide customers with control over the value of acquired gems, monitoring their value over time in order to reiterate the ethical and guaranteed principles of the Copem Group.

Further proof of the orientation of the Copem Group to look for the new beyond the traditional borders, in 2016 the same gives life to the Web World Working (3W), a leading company in Web communication, to which it entrusts the task of bringing in the world of the web all the innovation of the projects that the Group expresses.

Copem & Co., ITC, 3W: The trilogy of excellence, Expression of a group with a strong predisposition to maintain a prominent role in the diamond business at all levels.